Data Capture

  • 13 February 2019
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In a recent analytics tool review, my impression of Mixpanel is that it aggregates and reports on data but has no on-site data collection capability which I feel is a huge setback to the platform.

Data collection would include on-site events using dimensions and metrics that encompass the entirety of user behavior on the site. Further, the capability to implement data capture without coding expertise (such as a mapping system or tag manager) would allow companies without a lot of technical resources get an analytics platform completely off the ground.

1 reply

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Hi @Jonathonathon,

In order to log a product gap with sufficient details, do you mind clarifying what Data Capture with on-site events might look like?

We are constantly incorporating new feedback into our product and we would appreciate as much detail as possible!

In addition, I noticed you signed up for Community with a different email address than your Mixpanel Account. If you can update your email address, I can submit a product gap on your behalf with our Product and Engineering Team! Just drop us a comment to let us know when you make the change.