Dashboard Improvement: Allow for compare time

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@cpellows FYI

Allow for compare time - it is annoying to click into each card to see the previous time point and would be great if that carried into the dashboard

@cherise_MixpanelTeam as requested I am submitting all items from @cpellows "dashboard improvements" idea as separate ideas. Please submit product gaps and whenever possible provide a status update. Thank you in advance.

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@cpellows and @kontriant-

We submitted this as a product gap to our Engineering and Product Development team on your behalf.

To add to this as there is now some ability to comapre to past period. Show comparison to past period when Median Time to Convert is selected on a card like already is shown when #metric is selected on a card

Hey @cherise any update on this from your end? Extremely needed

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 @Oferfive — amazing timing, we just shipped this change last week!

We've added the ability to see Insights period-over-period comparisons in Dashboards.

Some background:

When monitoring product metrics, it's often important to understand how KPIs are performing compared to previous periods because to measure improvement, or diagnose regression, you need to compare a current value to a baseline, or prior value.

Dashboards is the best Mixpanel tool for monitoring metrics, but until now, it was largely impossible to compare metrics to previous time periods (with the exception of the inflexible Metric card). Therefore customers would need to navigate into Insights and manually apply the time period comparison there. This is a poor experience not just because of that extra work, but because it creates an inconsistency between dashboard cards and reports.

How does it solve that problem?

Now, the following Insights visualizations support compare to past:

  • Line Chart
  • Segmented Line Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Segmented Bar Chart

As a bonus, compare to past can now also be saved to Insights reports, eliminating the need to re-apply the comparison every time you come back to the report.


 @cpellows @kontriant @esmith  — thanks for sharing your feedback here in QBQ :) 

Thank you very much @cherise !

@cherise Is that feature planned for user profiles too? For example, I’m tracking “number of referrals” per user, and I want to view the sum of all users’ referral counts in a time-based line graph.