Create Custom Time-To-Convert Segments

  • 15 November 2019
  • 1 reply


When I'm creating a funnel report, I'd like to have more customization for the time-to-convert view. We are trying to compare two groups of users, one who completes the funnel in less than a day, and the other who takes a day or longer to complete the funnel. However, Mixpanel doesn't offer many options for this. The segments are broken up for you already , and there's no way to customize them.

The shortest time-to-convert segment is 0-2 days, and there is no way to make a segment of people who converted in less than a day. Also, there's no way to combine all segments that are longer than 0-2 days let alone 1+ days. Instead, they are broken up incrementally, but I want to see a percentage of users who took a day or longer to convert.

1 reply


We have the same issue: we need to analyze the segment that has taken 30 days or more to complete the funnel, but there is no way to do so, except creating a cohort for every default-range the time-to-convert table is splitting things up for (e.g. 30-60 days, 60 - 90 days, 90 - 120 days...) and then create a cohort that groups all of those cohorts, but that's very cumbersome.