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  • 7 February 2020
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Support comparing numbers that are in different currencies in a common currency.


This goes for all Insights and all Dashboards.

4 replies

This is my idea from December 2019 on the previous platform – I really hope that this can be prioritised, I know that at least one of our client are really waiting for this.

If you have any ways to do this now, please let me know!

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Hi @janfredrik,

Thanks for identifying your idea! Following up,  I want to make sure that I am understanding your idea to make sure I pass down the correct information to our team.

What I am getting is that you would like to change the currency type to a “common currency” on numerical data shown in the Insights report?  If this does not quite hit it on the nail, would you mind elaborating more on what you where envisioning? I would appreciate as much detail as possible! 

You may have seen this already, but just in case I wanted to share how to capture revenue data within Mixpanel in our article from the archives here .

Hi Stephanie. Thanks for your reply.

Yes, that is correct.

So for example:

England: 1.900.000 GBP
Germany: 2.000.000 EUR
Sweden: 3.000.000 SEK

On a graph, it would look like the biggest revenue was in Sweden, while the truth is that it is in England.

If the graph could show revenue in England, Germany and Sweden in a common currency it could be used to compare the revenue in these three countries.

Today, comparing the revenue in these three countries would not be possible without calculating a common currency in the app, and then send it as an extra parameter to Mixpanel. We just don’t think that makes sense.

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@janfredrik Thank you for the additional information! We filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering and Product Development team for review.


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