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Our app has some places where the user can start the funnel in the view (A) then depending on what they choose they get to two different views (B1 or B2) and after that end up in the same view (C) again. To make our funnel better it would be nice if we could combine B1 and B2 into one step in the funnel. It would also us help with different event names for the same event on iOS and Android, typos 😞 .



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You can create a Custom Event and use that as your second step in the funnel funnel. A custom event can be a combination of the same event with different properties or the combination of different events.

You can create custom events when creating a funnel.

See this article that explains how to build custom events:

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@areschoug - Great news! we are currently iterating on this workflow within our Any Order Funnels. We got permission from our Product Team to add you to this Beta. The Beta applies at the project level, and we have gone ahead and requested for your projects to be added. Please note that beta projects are added on weekly cadence - do not be alarmed if you do not see it added right away.

I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

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@areschoug @hemorales

We have great news for you, we have just launched Any Order Funnel steps for Funnels report!

With this feature, you can understand how users navigate between your funnel steps and what order is the most beneficial for the funnel completion. We also provide you with a breakdown by top paths and Sankey visualization, so you can clearly see this visually.

For example, your conversion funnel might be “View homepage” → “Search products” → “Add item to cart” → Complete purchase. Let’s say someone lands on the product page right after viewing homepage, then adds an item to their cart, continues with a search for other products, and then completes a purchase. By choosing to view Any Order Funnel, this conversion will now be counted even though some steps are out of order.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any feedback or any questions!