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  • 20 February 2019
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This has happened to me twice now and it's really annoying.

If you go to this community page, write up a draft email, then go to submit and it says Surprise! you need to log in to submit your idea. Then you do, and your draft is gone.


1. Always ensure users are kept logged in (not sure this is happening)

2. if you can't submit an idea until you're logged in, don't allow people to spend their time writing something up or

3. Carry the session forward so the draft is there once they've logged in. I suspect this might cause users to bail on producing content here a bit....

just my 2 cents at least.

2 replies

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Hi @braddunn, thanks for the feedback. We noticed this ourselves not too long ago, and I agree it is far from the ideal user experience. We're actively working on a solution and hope to have a fix deployed soon. I'll circle back here when something is shipped.

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@braddunn -

Good news! We just shipped our new design, and now users are prompted to log in when they start to create a post.

We are still iterating on our design to create the best user experience, so stay tuned for more changes, and keep the Ideas coming.

- Cherise