Can dashboard charts be sorted per the original Insight, rather than their own sort?

  • 3 December 2019
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Apologies if this has been asked before, as it seems like something a lot of users should see, but I couldn't find a question about this already...

Charts added to dashboards ignore/override some of the customisations made within the Insight report, breaking the usefulness of the dashboard.

For example, if I create an Insight of two properties broken down by month, set to show relative percentages and using the type "stacked bar chart", I can control the order of the rows so that on that page my rows will be Jan - Dec just fine:

However, if I add that same Insight to a dashboard, then the board overrides/ignores this sort order and the use of relative percentages, and instead just uses the absolute size of each stack ordered biggest-to-smallest, breaking what I want to see on the board:

On the left is the exact Insight shown above. On the right is a clone of the same Insight, but filtered to show only the free users of the product.

There's no way to control the orders of the rows, and so the tables can't be used for the at-a-glance comparisons I wanted to achieve on the dashboard - I have to click in to each Insight in turn to see the sensible data.

IS there a way to control this just now, and I am missing it?

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Hi @yodan ,


I have taken a look and this is a known product gap on our end. Currently, the Dashboard cards will only show descending order value from biggest to smallest. It would be great if the property organized from A-Z on an Insights report, would also show the same way on the Dashboard cards. Right now, the A-Z order on the report will not show on the Dashboard cards, and the descending order value (biggest to smallest) will take precedence to be displayed.


I have gone ahead and filed a product gap with our Product and Engineering team, to add fuel to the existing product gap.Please make sure you are subscribed to this Idea - via the Subscribe star button at the bottom of the post - to get emailed updates on its progress.