Behavorial Messages with Instant Display (InApp)

  • 14 February 2019
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Today ASAP notifications will be sent within 30 minutes. It can be even greater due to variability in the notification queues. If there is a large number of notifications going out at once, this could cause the time it takes to send to be greater.
30 minutes can be a very long time span, if you think of usecases like

1) asking for an app review after a event completion, or

2) a welcome message after a verified sign-up.

It would be better to have kind of a "hardcoded behavior" which executes and shows a (cached?) display notification immediatly after the targeted event trigger. Th emain difference probably would be to use more event-focussed triggers instead of people-focussed triggers .

3 replies

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@ChriSo This idea has been shipped! Please take a look at our Event Triggered In- app messages for Web and Mobile articles to learn more.

Hi, Had a question to ask.

Does this work sometimes after login? Like I am trying to send  an in-app message which should appear just after login when user will do the 1st event, but it is not appearing for them.


Also, if I have selected one target as “Register Date with-in 5 Days”, so it would wait for some days to fire the message or condition is fulfilled for users who have just registered.

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Hi @Pawan2601 we suggest not doing this right after login, since that creates a race condition. At login is when your app checks with Mixpanel whether there are in-app messages waiting for the user. By the time the app gets a response your user may have switched to a different screen. We try to get around this by caching but its not a perfect solution. 

On your second question, if the person meets the target criteria then it would schedule the message to be available the next time they do the event. has more details