Be able to capture two Funnels in one.

  • 22 October 2019
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"How can I measure funnel with varies funnel steps?

Hey guys,

There is a way to enter the information needed for the first step of the booking funnel on the landing page header, but there is also an option on the bottom of the page to enter that same information on a seperate page.

For example:

Option 1

  1. Home page (enter address)
  2. Sign up
  3. Checkout

Option 2

  1. Home page
  2. Location (enter address)
  3. Sign up
  4. Checkout

I want to measure results based on either funnel steps, so I can track funnel steps for either flow. I'd rather follow Option 1 to get funnel results and skip the Location page. Thanks.


I'm actually asking, how can I create this type of funnel to track both funnels in one?

I want my funnel process to be captured under one metric in my dashboard. I'm not looking to compare funnels at the moment. Thanks!"

- @arshia93 Original Idea posted here.

3 replies

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@arshia93 @sarah.horton After checking in with our team, the funnel Home page -> Sign up -> Checkout will capture both options since funnels are loose ordered (i.e. it doesn’t matter if users did or did not do Location in between the steps).

Does this help get to what you are trying to achieve?

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@stephanie_MixpanelTeam @sarah.horton Awesome. To be clear, the funnel should not include the step that may or may not be included (example 3), and as long as it's capturing the steps that occur in all variations, then the conversion will be included - correct?

Lastly, is this is set by default for all funnels? If so we're good to go :)

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@arshia93 @sarah.horton Correct, as long as you have the core steps setup of Home page -> Sign up -> Checkout in your Funnel. This is default behavior in our Funnels, you should be good to go!