Be able to Capture Milliseconds on Events

  • 26 September 2019
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"Problem Identified

Our mobile app (client) is sending the events in the correct sequence. But the events are not logged in the correct order in the Mixpanel end.

I understand that there might be issues in the network latencies. But the client should be able to define the timestamp when sending an event.

As per client can define the timestamp in seconds but not in milliseconds.


Mixpanel should support receiving of events with milliseconds property.

Thanks for reading through."
- @ragularuban Original Idea posted here.

4 replies

+1 for this feature, it would be useful for us to determine the order of events that happen quickly one after another when looking at a user’s Activity feed 


Having the ordering in the Activity feed and in Flows (like mentioned in the original idea) respect this event timestamp in milliseconds would also be very useful to us

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@fpearsall We filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering and Design team for review as well! 

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This is such a major miss and makes the flow report utterly useless. Also takes away from trying to understand a certain user’s path on the product. My miss I didn’t know about this shortcoming before we renewed else would have definitely switched to Amplitude. 

Can you please help make this a P0 internally. Please update $time to either take ms input or allow a custom property to be specified as the ordering property at the account level. 

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@ashish.dua thank you for expressing the need for this idea. We filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering to review. 


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