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  • 13 February 2019
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One of the reasons we still need to use Google Analytics is because Mixpanel doesn't handle non-logged out users. It would be great if we could see data from logged out users too - see how Full Story does it for reference :)

4 replies


What do you mean by Mixpanel is not "handling" them?

We are also tracking logged out users on our site. Something that could be improved on the mixpanel side might be merging user sessions automatically - e.g. if a logged out user signs in and they have the some footprint mixpanel could automatically group these events under the same distinct id instead of letting us setup aliases :-D


+1 to this! All of the data we collect is anonymous but each person has a unique ID in Mixpanel, which is great. However, each person that uses Stark ( more than 1x per month appears in the system with multiples of the same Unique ID.

Merging them from each session would help make calculating MAU so much easier.


I believe you can do this. It is true that your anonymous user will receive a unique ID from mixpanel, which is fine. What I believe you are missing is that after your user logs in you need to call mixpanel.alias('') which maps the anonymous mixpanel id to that specific user.

I found this diagram helpful:


You can read more here:


I agree ! I'm struggling a lot with anonymous users. I was thinking creating anonymous users and then merging them when they sign up.
How should we handle existing users?