Allow Users to be grouped under companies

  • 13 February 2019
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We're a B2B company and work with hundreds of companies as our customers.

Mixpanel lets us track events for specific users at the companies but it's cumbersome to track things on a per-company basis.

For example, assume that we have 50 users from a company called "ACME Widgets Inc.". We would love to create "ACME Widgets Inc" as a company in Mixpanel so we can:

  • track events for the company itself
  • specify custom properties for the company
  • add all users to the company for better grouping
    • this can be manual (through web UI), through API, or through a domain filter (i.e., "all users whose email ends with
  • run reports and predictions on a company-level since the company is the buyer here
  • send in-app messages to everyone at a company

All this is currently possible via Cohorts but it's cumbersome to manually create Cohorts for each new company that signs up with us. You can essentially think of this as "automated cohorts".

This will really help with our customer support, sales, and product management efforts.

5 replies


OMG! I so desperately need this to track progress for my project.

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@amp and @svikashk - I updated the status to 'In Development.'

Good news! This is something that we are actively working on developing - make sure to "follow" the idea to receive emailed updates on our progress!

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@amp and @svikashk -

We currently recommend utilizing cohorts, custom events, or setting specific group level properties to analyze user activity at the group level. That being said, we are opening a beta to make it easier to report on groups of users. If you are interested in joining the beta please reach out to Please note that Group Analytics will be a paid package the requires an Enterprise plan.

Here is some additional information on what you can expect with Group Analytics:

Imagine toggling between analyzing data by individual user, company, device - or any other way you define or group your customers. With Group Analytics, B2B companies can tell which accounts are healthy, which are at-risk, and see how product usage impacts account health. Hardware companies can better understand how devices or assets are used over their lifetime, to more accurately forecast and allocate resources. This gives you the flexibility to analyze and define your customers in a way that makes the most sense for your business.


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@svikashk @amp This idea has been shipped! Please take a look at our Group analytics article here to learn more. As a note, Group Analytics is only available on an Enterprise account and you will need to reach out to your CSM to enable this.


Amazing! Thanks for getting back to me on this, @stephanie_MixpanelTeam.