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  • 13 September 2019
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"No Reports Showing up on Mixpanel Mobile app

I am using the Mixpanel android app, have created some reports and dashboards through the web UI but when I try to add them on the mobile app, they never appear.

I am trying to add them on Trend > Select Report but I get...

"Mobile-eligible reports will appear here once they've been added to your Dashboard on the web."

How do I make them mobile-eligible?

Thanks" - @timmyg

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1 reply

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Hi @timmyg,

Our support for the Android app will end as of November 1st, 2019. Although we’ll not be maintaining the app and will remove it from the Google Play Store, it will still be available for you to use on any devices to which you’ve downloaded it.

I want to provide some context behind our decision. We released the Android app in early 2016 to provide a mobile dashboard for our customers. While the app was initially successful in this goal, adoption was low. Today, the app is out of date, and simply can’t handle many of the metrics now commonplace on Ultimately, we want to focus our efforts on areas that will deliver far more value to you, hence our decision to discontinue our support for the app.

I hope this gives you some transparency into the rationale behind our decision. As I mentioned, you’ll still have access to the app on any devices to which you’ve downloaded the app, but we will remove the app from the Play Store on 11/1/19.