Add Quartiles to Insights

  • 24 April 2019
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In insights when you select total, unique, avg, etc. It would be great to be able to break by quartile so if you select total number of events you could find what the quartiles are for that event for each user.

eg. I want to know for the event Login how many login events in month do users in the bottom 25% have verse the top 25% and then set up automated emails based on activity or inactivity

3 replies

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This looks very similar to the idea I posted a while back. Feel free to correct me.

"Find the top 10% of users that performed an event (highest count for an event)". In other words be able to tell who sits on the top 10% of bottom 10% for a specific event.

You can see my idea here

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@cpellows and @kontriant -

We love to see collaboration like this within Ideas! We have submitted both of your ideas to our Engineering and Product Development Team and they are currently in review. Make sure to "Follow" this Idea via the button in the upper right hand corner to make sure that you are notified via email when this idea progresses to the next stage.

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Hi @cpellows and @kontriant :


We now have a way to do this in 2 steps:


  1. Find out how many events are done by the top 10% of users. Let’s say the answer is 25 events.
  2. Create a cohort of users that have done more than 25 events, and that should give you a static way to get a top 10% cohort.

You can do a lot more exploration on your engagement data with our newest changes in Insights (read more here:, and if this sounds interesting, please reach out to us at