When is leveraging product analytics worth it?

  • 7 February 2022
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Hello everyone,

We’re currently implementing Mixpanel for our app launch. However, just this previous week, we are beginning to see some push back from mgt. 

The reason for the pushback on implementing Mixpanel is centered around the notion that we do not need to tr ack users behavior until later versions of the app. 

I’m about to reach out and convince the mgt team that leveraging product analytics even at launch will benefit the company in terms of guiding product and business decisions down the line when we’re designing future version. 

Please, folks, how more can I convince the team about the benefits of implementing Mixpanel.

(We plan to reach 500 subscribers by the end of Q 1. Launch is by the end of this month of February.)


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Hi Damilola,


I believe it is true that as much as consolidated your product strategy and business model are, the most you will get of your product analytics. Sometimes it is hard to implement and maintain product analytics if you are in experimentation mode or finding your product-market fit. Still, it is good to have the foundation of your product analytics strategy ASAP.

To achieve that, my suggestion for launching products is always the same: launch your product analytics with a few (but very well-defined) events. That would help you or be used to product analytics, you also will have the essential core data, and in case of having changed, you won´t need to change a lot, so your maintenance will be simple. 
Later on, you can escalate your implementation as you learn from data and your product strategy evolves.   

I hope that helps!


Thank You, Ivan.

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Hey Damilola,

Although I’m a Mixpanel employee I used to work as a PM and a founder. I’ve found there is no such thing as too soon as it will give you the data to validate and understand what you want to answer as you grow.

Just like you start R&D with the MPV I start with data analysis in its most basic form then grow and expand as needed. 

If you want more best practices don’t hesitate to reach out