What are the best metrics for early stage startups to track?

  • 9 November 2018
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Best analytics to track? Ideas, welcome, thanks!



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Hi michelle,

What do you mean by analytics ?

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Yeah, like Robin mentioned, I think it depends on what you're looking for.

Here we track how many free users convert to paid by the end of their free trial. We've been doing some A/B testing and giving different groups access to different features of our full accounts.

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I may be wrong, but like others, I'm assuming you mean which events should a startup track?.

Often times when I talk to a developer or digital marketer who is implementing the analytics for an app, this question comes up. "Which events should I track?" Although the response, "whatever you think is important," is technically correct, there are a few rules you can go by:

  1. Track your "north star" metric. If you're not sure what yours is, just go with purchases/sign-up/etc—whatever correlates with your users handing over some currency (money, email, time, referrals, etc.).
  2. Track your "Aha moment". If you're not sure, go with some event that shows intent to purchase. Examples may be reading an entire article then clicking Buy Now at the bottom of the page, or someone who opens 90% of your email campaign.
  3. Track your "Habit moment". If you'renot sure, go with some event that indicates a user a building a habit. Example: a user tweets for at least 2 times per week in the first month of adoption.

For each metric above, try to map out the user experience flow that leads up to the action being tracked. All of these as events should be tracked as well, that way you can see which points users are dropping off. These will likely involve a user visiting a web page, providing some input, clicking buttons, etc…

All of these can be tracked with Mixpanel, on the free tier. A popular paid feature of Mixpanel, cohorts, makes this a breeze.


What are some other common user actions to track?

Our MyLibrarian mobile and web app is still pre-launch, and so we also use HelloBar and MailChimp for newsletter and app beta tester signups on our related website GoogleAnalytics tracks our monthly site views.

We have a list with links to Amazon that we update weekly, and this is where we have installed Mixpanel. The list mimics the actions of our app. And we can track how many clicks to possible purchase, which is helpful. But it is the best user action for us to track right now?

I'm just brainstorming here - once the app is launched we'll track more traditionally. What else as an early stage startup could we track? Thanks!