Using Event count in Reports

  • 5 June 2020
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While running a report (Insights or Funnel), I cannot directly attribute as to how many times a particular event has been performed, in the query.

For instance, when a user watches a video, Viewed Video event is fired. Lets say in Funnel Report, I want to include a set of users for whom ‘Viewed Video’ event has been fired at least two times. How do I do that other than adding Viewed Viewed in two distinct steps? 

4 replies

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Hi Anish, 

You could do that by creating a cohort of users who have done the Viewed Video event at least 2 times, and apply it to your funnel.






Hope that helps.

Yes. But Cohort cannot be used as a query step in Funnel Report. In the above case, it is used as a filter. Is there anyway I can use that as a query step? 

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No, unfortunately. But if you want to use as a query step, your initial idea of calling the Watch Video event as two separate steps would work.

Got it. Thanks