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  • 24 February 2020
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This may be a stupid question.


I want to track how users flow and move through our app. Do do this, do i need to create an event for every screen/view in our app?

for example: Sign up journey?

  • First name screen
  • second name screen
  • email screen

Would this be 3 events?

3 replies

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Hi @Tomricco


You can track a “Sign-up Page View” event and in the event properties you can describe which page they are looking at.

For example,

When they look at the First name Screen when they are signing up, your track can be something like (JS Library): 

mixpanel.track(“Sign-up Page View”, {

page: “first name Screen”



When they look at the second name screen

mixpanel.track(“Sign-up Page View”, {

page: “second name screen”



When they look at the email screen

mixpanel.track(“Sign-up Page View”, {

page: “email screen”



Essentially you will only be sending in one event named “Sign-up Page View” but you can then expand the event by the event property “page”, where you can see what page your users where looking at while they signed up. 


Hope this helps!

hi @stephanie 

thank you so much for replying. just so i understand (sorry).

Is it be practice to group each different screen (there are 3x different screens) from a single user journey (e.g the sign up example) into one event called Sign Up. With each screen marked as an event property. Would this show user drop offs?



Attached is an example of the flow.


thank you so much!!

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No worries @Tomricco,

The way you want to group/name your events is up to what is best for your company/ team (everyone has their unique use cases), thinking long term, and asking certain questions. For example, when using Mixpanel among your team, will the way we name events cause confusion? Is this an important event to track to answer our our questions? Essentially it can go both ways, you can track the original way you want to if that makes sense for your business or another route.


If you do decide to go of the example I shared, you can filter a Funnel report by event properties to see conversions. I have attached a screenshot below to help see how I set it up in my dummy project where I looked at the number of songs played by a certain artist, that then purchased a song at the end. 

Green boxes are an event named the same “Song Play” but filtred by different event properties values. Orange is a different event name “Purchase song” but also filtered out by the same event property I also sent with that event. 


You may have seen this already but when I first started learning Mixpanel, a tracking plan was really useful to help me really think about what events I wanted to track, what tracking would help me answer questions on my product, and also helped me organize myself :) 


Hope this helps you out!