Tracking user and group First Date/Last Date/Count of an action

  • 13 July 2020
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We are implementing mixpanel, and in of mixpanel tutorial they mentioned in addition of tracking action, let say: “Submit Question” 

Track also people property of the following:
“First Question Submit Date”

“Last Question Submit Date”

“Questions Submitted” counter 


I actually don’t know what kind of questions it should answer us, do you think it is important and something “basic” that it is good to track?

I encountered the problem that when using groups, there is no ‘increment” function to track counters like that (lets say I have a group for a user B2B account).

Is this kind of data can be leverage for questions in some way on the fly?

1 reply




Tracking additional user property information like this can definitely be a helpful addition to tracking the event-based information for a number of ways.  Here are a few simple examples of the potential types of reports you could make based on this:

  • You could create cohorts of users based on one of these user properties to be able to answer the following questions:
    • Do users who first submitted within a given month, or after a new product release retain better than other users?
    • What types of actions are power users (users who’s “Questions Submitted” property is above a threshold) performing?  And how do they compare to other users?

Incrementing group properties is currently not supported, but you could send this in as a product gap which would help inform what our engineering team works on going forward:


Hope this helps!