Tracking product page view per user

  • 12 May 2020
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Hi all,

I’m new to Mixpanel and was wondering what’s the best way to capture all products viewed by a particular user on the platform.

Right now, what I’m doing is to do mixpanel.people.append(‘Product view #’, $product->id) but it has some problems:​​​​​​

  • The list being appended has duplicates (is there anyway to not record viewed products?)
  • The list gets long. I’m aware that profile’s property is a string (so varchar(255)?)

But if I was to create an event for each product view i.e. `Product viewed #123`, the account will eventually have lots of events. Would that flood the account? Is having a massive list of events considered a normal practice for a Mixpanel account?

1 reply

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Hi @trilecao 


In this instance we would recommend having a singular event called “Viewed Product” that would fire when a user viewed a page, and then have a List Property called “Page Name” or “Product Name” where you can store the name of the product that has been viewed. You then wouldn’t need to worry about a string property limit, as each new product viewed would simply be added to your list, or having a huge list of different events.


Thanks a lot,