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  • 31 December 2021
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Hello guys,

i’m a marketing guy, helping one of my clients with the mixpanel tracking plan. 

I’ve followed webminars and checked out the guide, and I got a decent understanding, but I still have a couple of questions:


  1. As an example, let’s say we want to track job posted by users and applications received for it it. Is the best way to create 2 different events (job posted, job applied), or just one “job activity” event and leave in the event property Applied, posted, forwarded? With the first approach, we will have much less events in total, so on the plan side it will be much more clean, but at the same time can this create issues in the handling of the data?
  2. Regarding super properties, are they acquired automatically for each event, so i don’t have to do anything in the tracking plan?
  3. Do event have a timestamp or any way to know when they occurred, or I’d need to add it as a property?




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Hello @maxmaxmax13 ,

1- Both approaches are good. I use blend of both, specific and generic event. Send a separate specific event where the event is important  and/or has many useful information that you would like to capture via event properties.

2- You have to set super property via code. Mixpanel doesn’t auto set it. So better cover in spec sheet.

3- Yes all events Mixpanel receive has timestamp. But good to store important user action’s datetime as people property such as signup date of first purchase date etc.




Awesome thanks. 
In some cases, we’d plan to associate the same event parameters for these events (for instance, for both events job applied and job refused): is there any advantage in keeping them separate in terms of keeping querying and storing data simple, or not?