Setting up funnels with Thinkific integration

  • 20 February 2020
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Does anyone have experience setting up funnels in Mixpanel with the Thinkific integration?

They only pass through limited event data and we can’t seem to set up a simple funnel accurately. There are pages in our signup process that don’t even show up in Mixpanel. We can’t tell if they are just hidden or not passed through at all.



1 reply

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Hi @ardanlabs


I am not too familiar with Thinkific but happy to talk on Mixpanel side to hopefully help debug this. My first initial instinct is to check if the users Distinct ID is being passed down correctly from Thinkific to Mixpanel. The reason I bring this up is because what makes a Funnels report a Funnels report is the $distinct_id that is sent to Mixpanel with each event.

The $distinct_id field is used to identify a single user and follow them from step 1, into step 2, into step 3 etc. When a report is calculated, Mixpanel takes a snapshot of unique $distinct_id values that triggered the first event, and from that list they see which $distinct_ids made it to the second step, etc — A $distinct_id that triggered event 2 without triggering event 1 will not show up in the funnel. Then, Mixpanel follows that pool of ids through the subsequent events, calculating the drop off as they go.

With that in mind, can you share more on what is showing up on your Funnels report? Is Funnels not reporting any steps counted?