Regression testing

  • 29 September 2020
  • 3 replies

Has anyone had experience setting up testing plans to validate that their Mixpanel data is accurate and remains accurate in future releases? Would love some tips!

3 replies

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@Ginny —Thanks for sharing this question!


I’d love to see how other users have handled this, so welcome everyone here in QBQ to chime in. :) 

I’m wondering, is there a specific concern that you have around data accuracy? I’d love to know where your concerns stem from and if I can help provide resources to help you feel more confident in your data.



Hi Cherise, Thanks for getting back to me. 

My concern is around changes in our code that could break our mixpanel implementation. I want to make sure that the data we’re using is being interpreted correctly even as the product changes

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Hey Ginny, have you checked out our latest integrations with Avo and These are both tools that allow you to specify schemas that ensure your development team can stay in sync with the right events and properties. These also get synced to Mixpanel lexicon so you’re able to see the same data definitions everywhere.