Recover time spent on each module of the course



I tried to find a solution to my problem in the aids, but I could not find ...
I am a network trainer, and my courses are hosted on the platform "Thinkific".

The connection between Thinkific and MixPannel is good.

I would like to be able to recover the time spent on each module of the training course.
Whether video, text or quizzes.

I can not find a track in the helpers to guide me.
I think it's possible, but I do not find the right path.

I join an example of data that I would like to retrieve :

Thank you for your help :)


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Hey @Damien.S, I believe their web session tracking article might be useful for you here. It sounds like you might want to use their mixpanel.time_event to get timed sessions. I also found a helpful article on how to track video views and time here. Hope this helps you out!


Hi Willyv and thank you for your answer.

I looking the mixpanel.time_event , but i'm sorry because i not understand well... It's first time i used Mixpanel, and i need to understand how it work.

The code of "mixpanel.time_event" , i need to copy it and paste on all my lesson in Thinkific or in the header of my website ?

Or maybe, everything, is on mixpanel?

Thank you again for your help...

If i can arrived to setting 1 step, after i can arrived for the next.

And sorry for my English... I'm French... :)))




I'm sorry but i need your help for setting "MixPanel".

I will want to receved the time spend (From Thinkific) per user in witch section of the course.

For exemple, i will want to have a file with :

-User 1 , Lesson 1, 2 minute

-User 1 , Lesson 2, 4 minute

-User 1 , Lesson 3, 8 minute

-User 1 , Lesson 4, 1 minute

Is there the possibility to order a service of 1 hour, to help me make a first configuration? After I could manage :)

I want to know how much time a user spent on each lesson. Whether it's a video, a pdf, a text, a quiz ...

It is very important for the teacher to be able to collect this type of data.

thanks again


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Hi @Damien.S, sorry for the delay, I did not see this post! Being that you are new to Mixpanel, I think their implementation course might be helpful for you and their Implementation for Developers Webinar ( helped me out a lot when I first started). I would suggest playing around with Mixpanel on a test project to send in data and make sure everything works before you send in data for your main application. I also wanted to share their API documentation for Javascript and other libraries to help.

After your foundation is set, then testing out the mixpanel.time_event outlined how to implement on here for web (and mobile) will be helpful.


Thank you Willyv 🙂 I will read what you share me, and try to make it work

Bonjour @damiens  

J’ai le même problème que toi : comment créer un relevé de connexions par utilisateur sur ma plateforme Thinkific. L’Agefice me le réclame et je ne trouve pas de solution simple. As-tu trouvé une solution depuis l’année dernière ? Merci de ta réponse, 



Bonsoir @LionelM 

Oui, j’ai réussi en faisant appel à un prestataire sur Fiveer, voici le service :


Depuis, il m’est possible de recuperer les logs, avec les durées sur chaque session de cours :)


Ok ! 

Merci beaucoup de ta réponse :)

Puis-je me permettre une dernière demande ?

Pourrais-tu s’il te plaît m’envoyer une copie d’écran d’un de tes logs ?

Merci beaucoup Damien !

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@LionelM & @damiens —

I invite you to join this group!


While we encourage you to ask your questions in the main forum, if you share a link in this group we can offer added support in French :) 


J’ai exactement le même besoin et je ne comprends rien au développement Mixpanel

@LionelM  tu as trouvé une solution?