Recommendations for getting started?

  • 13 February 2019
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Creating a new web app and developing everything from scratch.

Any recommendations on marketing stack and tools of choice to use with MixPanel?


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10 replies

If you want to market using emails, try mailchimp.

Mixpanel is good enough for new projects. Track and measure performance of each feature, button, flow etc. Mixpanel has funnels and stuff to help you track performances of flows.


If you are using ReactJS for your web app:


My suggestion: start with listing out what you want to track. One issue I ran into is realizing later on that I needed to track additional actions (for example, when a specific button was clicked), so I didn't get the whole picture. The downside to that is I then had incomplete data – for the period prior to tracking this missed action, my reports were a big mess.

As far as adding tools to Mixpanel, by far my favorite is FullStory. Check out their features – it's by far one of the best tools I've ever used!


Here are a few links to get started:

yep, no surprises here...


This is a good idea - I like it. And appreciate the input. Thanks!


Postmark for transactional emails

Outseta for a CRM/ User login systems and marketing.

Mixpanel for Interaction tracking

BUT sit down first and plan what you want to do, what you want to track and how you want to display it. Trust me that I didn't and I am still paying dearly for it even after sorting the issues.

Also pick a framework that works for you in a language that you like. Theres no point in going for the latest and greatest. Vanilla HTML and JS works for you? Great, PHP? Knock your self out if it works it works. Once you get off the ground then look at other things.


I'd recommend outlining a set of goals. What problem are you trying to solve with Mixpanel? Use the docs to get started...

Best way to start from our experience is to set up your first "funnel". What we call the "North Star". First, decide what are your most important KPI's you want to evaluate as there are many the North Star job is to refine and reduce all the "data points" to the ones who are most crucial for your business/product to succeed. For us the "North Star" is when users achieve "AHA-MOMENT" which then we expect them to retain for a long while (months) and use our product frequently. Twitter suggest that their Aha-moment is when a user follows 20 different profiles for instance.

Hope this helps!


If you got the time, I recommend Suhail Doshi's lecture in YC (Mixpanel founder): To get a general idea.

Then head out to , as recommended by others.


If you want to use mixpanel in a vuejs component: