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  • 6 June 2020
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I had a few queries regarding regarding the functionality of the tool. Would be really helpful if you could guide me through these.

  1. Dashboard specific: We have different dashboards created for different teams, each with distinct reports of their own. How do I manage these dashboards distinctly for each team? For example, the dashboard for Marketing, and its related reports, should be visible only to the Marketing team members.
  2. Comments: Is there a way to comment on specific aspects within a dashboard? For example, for a particular report within a dashboard, I need to make some changes and I want to tag a member of my company and comment it right in the report. Is there a way to do that? (This is something I found with Amplitude wherein they allow you to write notes within a dashboard. Looking for something like that).
  3. Managing Reports: Is there a specific section (or a page) within the tool where I can see all the reports either created by me or shared with me. Currently, those load as a pop up from the reports section, which is not that easy to manage. Is there a workaround for that?
  4. Extracting Data: How can I extract data related to multiple events and properties in an excel? Right now, ‘Date’ associates with one of the events. So if I want to extract multiple event details related to a particular user, I would need to run multiple reports. Is there a way I can do all that in a single report.
  5. JQL; What’s the JQL feature in the tool and does it help my business? Is there any help document that can get me started on this?

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Hi Anish,


Jumping into your questions: 


  1. When you create a Private dashboard you have the option to ‘Share’ the dashboard with specific members. You can do so by navigating to the ‘Manage Dashboards’ page and selecting ‘Share’. In the share menu you can either add members manually by typing in their names OR, if you have created Teams in your Organization Settings you can type in the team name and share it with all users of that team.
  2. Unfortunately our Dashboards feature currently does not support leaving annotations or comments however I do think this is a great idea. If you have not already I would recommend posting it as an Idea for our product managers to directly review and potentially add to the roadmap. 
  3. If you go into the Individual reports, such as Insights or Funnels, and click the ‘Open’ button you should see an option to either see ‘Your Reports’ or ‘All Reports’ where the second option is your reports plus all other reports that are shared with you. There’s not exactly one area to see all saved reports created by you or shared with you but a workaround would be to go to a Dashboards report, it could be an empty Dashboards report or an existing one, and click ‘Add Report’ which will show all your reports and all reports shared with you.
  4. Reports you create in Mixpanel that query for multiple events and properties all should be downloaded as a CSV file that can be opened in Excel with some limitations. You can read those limitations in the following article about downloading reports. If you have technical resources you can also make requests to our APIs to export data.
  5. JQL is a Javascript based query language that you can use to analyze data. Most reports are buildable through the UI but for some niche cases or specific information that the UI can’t do, JQL is an alternative where you may be able to make that query. Our JQL docs provide more information on JQL and how to use it.