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  • 26 January 2022
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My application doesn’t have a set “path” to success. The final outcome is a generated “report”. Before the user goes to the “generate a report” screen a user should fill out employee data, department data, title data, business component data, project data, along with a few more. There is a certain order to doing this because some of the fields show up as choices on other input screens. But I don’t limit how users can get there. 

I don’t really have a step by step “progress display”. Perhaps I should? 

So the bottom line is there are many, many paths to get to the create report screen. And it could take someone a few weeks of inputting data to get to that point. If some of the data is missing the report still gets generated, just some parts of it will be blank. 

I also have a “premium support” page where I will keep a count of users who would like to upgrade. 

So in light of these limitations, what type of mixpanel report is recommended rather than a funnel? 

1 reply

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@richb201 Flows sounds perfect for you, as well as Signal. Inside funnels you can use the “any order” feature to get more flexible journeys or even comparison steps to zoom-in to particular points where users have different options.