Page View Vs Events and Pricing analysis

  • 10 August 2022
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This is a pretty simple KPI that I want to track, but can grow in complexity based on the graphs I want to build. So, my goal is to figure out my conversion rate from search → browse → complete purchase. 

  1. Would I use page views to perform the funnel analysis or events? For example, I view the search page vs I enter in a search or I view the results browse page vs I adjust filters which triggers a new browse event. I can have one page view but multiple events within that page
  2. Should I send an event every time an input changes and I have to get a new set of prices? The way my application works is on the browse screen I can adjust certain filters which will trigger re-retrieving prices from my backend. Should I report everytime a user gets a new price quote? 
  3. How can I do pricing analysis? If in the browse screen I wanted to do further analysis about pricing and see if pricing influenced drop-off, would that be possible? How would I need to structure the data given its an array of objects?

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