New to Mixpanel - Need help getting started

  • 17 May 2019
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Mixpanel community,

My company is getting started with Mixpanel. Our developers have successfully integrated it into our product, but I'm an analytics newbie and feeling lost. Does anyone have suggestions for books or tutorials I could review to get up to speed on Mixpanel basics? Does Mixpanel offer trainings? It would be great if someone from Mixpanel could help get our entire design team up to speed. Thanks!

- Maya

1 reply

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Hi @MayaCarroll, welcome to the Mixpanel Community! When I first started using Mixpanel and was trying to learn more, I constantly referred to their Analysis help center here. This helped me understand the usage of each report and ramp up on building reports. Mixpanel also offers additionally Support and Services, you can reach out to their sales team at the bottom of the pricing page here One last thing I will say, I am constantly learning too, so I am always coming to the Community for answers (searching and asking)!