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  • 5 October 2021
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Hi! I’m in the process of learning Mixpanel and planning our integration. I read in a few threads and webinars that Mixpanel partnered with Product School to offer a free product analytics course and certification. The issue is, when I click the link to the course, it says the course is $999. What am I missing? Thanks for the help!


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3 replies

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Hey @gwick2400! Sorry for the confusion. Product School’s promotional period for the course has expired, but we’re still happy to offer it to you, on us! Click here to access the course for free with our discount code.




I’m part of the Product Analytics Micro-Certification (PAC) program, and I have a question regarding the course.

In module called “The Taxonomy”, there’s a video called “Event Taxonomy” where in minute (0:57) I’m instructed to type “Event Name”  and then an option to select a button called “Event Name” should appear. However, this button does not appear to me at all. I’m now stuck on the modules and unable to continue.  

This might not be right place to ask this question. I would appreciate if I was guided to the right place to have my question answered.

p.s. Product School gave me this link to ask questions: However, I was not granted access to it, even though I’m enrolled in the PAC program.

Your help would be really appreciated since I’m eager to continue with this course.




I have completed 81% of the Product Analytics Micro-Certification (PAC)™, but I am stuck in the ‘Experimenting’ section, and can’t seem to continue. Even though I watched all the videos in the chapter and completed the quiz, the next message says ‘Lecture content locked’ and that I still have a previous lesson that has not been completed. I’m almost at the end of the course, and was looking forward to receive the certificate, so I hope someone can help me out.