Is it possible query user profiles that were updated with in last day or last week?

  • 9 April 2019
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I would like to query only updated users ie, the user profiles that were updated recently.

Ex: Query users whose profiles are updated in last 24 hours.

2 replies

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Hey @hanselujm, I use the Explore report to see profiles that have the most recent update on them. I search for the “Last Seen” ($last_seen) people property and set the search to "was less than 1 day ago". The reason I use “Last Seen” ($last_seen) is because it is a reserved people property that records the date of the most recent update to a given people profile. Hope this help ya out!

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@frank_bryant, Last Seen gets updated not only when the user profile is updated, but also when the event(s) related to this user_id are generated.

I am looking for the field like "user_profile_updated_time" which will gets updated only when the user profile is updated.