Ingestion of grouped data instead of events

  • 8 February 2022
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I am mainly interested on using Mixpanel for visualization of our product data. We track events but we already have them grouped in consumable tables, for example, by user. Would it be possible to use this information directly on Mixpanel, instead of feeding the events?
Our data (prepared events and consumable grouped data) is stored on AWS S3, being updated once a day by Glue jobs. My idea was to join this process with feeding Mixpanel with the updated data. 

Has anyone done something similar?


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Hey @lcastroemello You are able to push the data into Mixpanel from your AWS S3 bucket we have details on this here. The benefit of directly implementing would be based on what you are currently tracking vs. anything you would like to track in terms of seeing the customer flows etc? Let me know what you think?

Hello @Jaz-CommunityManager ! Thank you for your quick answer!
So, from what I saw on most of Mixpanel documentation, the expected data to be sent is events, for example:

{"event": "SelectButtonClicked", "properties": {"distinct_id": "ak67ljv", "$insert_id": "28091776", "user": "ladjfueh&%&ljad","time": 1628278312}},
{"event": "LoginPageViewed", "properties": {"distinct_id": "lçdjfjv", "$insert_id": "28091897", "user": "ladjfueh&%&ljad","time": 1628278312}}
The data I have is, thought, already treated and grouped, being a much more efficient and focused ingestion choice to generate visualisations. What I have, to mimic the Mixpanel data format, would be something like this:{“user”: "ladjfueh&%&ljad", "properties": {"distinct_id": "lçdjfjv", "$insert_id": "28091897", "SelectButtonClicked_count": 340, "LoginPageViewed_latest": 1628278312}},
{“user”: "opuoiunhu8&#", "properties": {"distinct_id": "uoylkjv", "$insert_id": "28094867", "SelectButtonClicked_count": 150, "LoginPageViewed_latest": 1628278308}},

So, my question would be if it is possible to work, instead of with events, with this already aggregated data.
I’m imagining yes, since I can have each distinct user as an event, but maybe there is a more interesting way to do so. 
I am also wondering if other users have been doing the same and would like to share their experience

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Unfortunately this is not possible. Mixpanel is an event based tool and as such we must have that entity.

Where you can use you data is in enriching the profile properties to be able to answer additional questions with a few clicks of a button.