Implementing Mixpanel via Segment

  • 18 September 2019
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I've been using Mixpanel which was directly implemented on my website, but now I'm transitioning to Segment implementation. I've setup Alias and people properties via Segment which is not on the current setup.

I have a dev branch, but some of the functionality (ex. bookings) don't work on my test branch. What's the best way to test this implementation without removing my existing code Mixpanel code (to ensure I'm still getting correct data while testing the Segment implementation)?


1 reply

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Hey @arshia93, I am not sure if I am understanding your question correctly.

It sounds like you have a main Mixpanel project where your original Mixpanel code from your website is sending data to it. You are now moving to Segment, where you have a dev branch to test your implementation with Segment. However, your Segment dev branch cannot test everything due to not all functionality working on it. Did I get it right? If not, would you mind giving me more details on how everything is connected?

In the mean time, I found a Set up Segment with Mixpanel help article that has a section on testing which can be useful. I also saw that Segment has their own implementation docs here