How to track returning users based on day of the week?

  • 13 February 2019
  • 2 replies



I am trying to use retention to find out how many users come back on the next few days, however, I wanted to actually have days of the week and not the days per se, is there a way that can be done so I can analyse in which days of the week users are being lost? This could a be useful insight to define some actions.

2 replies


This is just an idea and may be a hacky way of doing it, but you could go to retention, choose the line graph, and then select the days of the week you want to look at.

But I agree, I'd love to be able to quickly see how people who sign up over the weekend vary from people who sign up during the weekday.


Im using an event that always take place when users open the app, in my case: ScreenView, then i do "Unique" -> That helps me filter out whatever other property i need after, in a difference from the mixpanel retention, which is good, but limited.