How to stop inapp-message popup programmatically?

  • 25 October 2019
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In some session we need to present our own popup message.

If user are fall in target criteria to present inapp message ,how to avoid present multiple popup?

I need to stop Mixpanel inapp message then present our own popup message.

3 replies

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Hi @RAGOpoR,

Unfortunately, at this time, there is not a method through which you could create, send, or stop in-app or any other type of message programmatically. I think that this would be a great feature request and I would be happy to write it up to send to our product team.

I noticed that you signed up for Community with a different email address than your Mixpanel Account. In order to submit the product gap, would you mind updating your email address? Just drop us a comment to let us know when you make the change!


thank you

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@RAGOpoR I have gone ahead and submitted a product gap on your behalf here, with our Engineering and Product Development team.

Make sure you are following this Idea - via the Follow button in the right hand column - to get emailed updates on its progress.