How to create a custom event to track trial enrollments in Thinkific?

  • 3 July 2020
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I am trying to track my course page performance on Thinkific and would like to separate conversions by enrollments (with revenue) and trial enrollments. I have tried various custom event combinations with landing page → enrollment without purchase or enrollment with revenue = 0 etc, filtered by the course name. Every different combination is giving me different numbers, that are way too high (e.g. tells me 18 trial enrollments, when I only had 4).

Has anyone managed to set up something like that?

3 replies

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Hi @HannsCFTE 


Do you have a property being tracked against your users called “Plan Type”? If so you can simply add the Property as a filter for your entire funnel. This would then show you the difference between users on trial, compared to paid plans.


Let me know if you don’t have this and we can find another solution.




Hi @mattsmith,

Thanks for your reply.

Do you have a property being tracked against your users called “Plan Type”?

So, that’s the thing. There seems to be a property that does include that. Zapier for example is able to distinguish between a standard enrollment or a trial enrollment, so that property must exist.

Within User Profile Properties we have “Is Paying” as a boolean, “Revenue”, and “Transactions”.
Within Event we have “Discount Amount”, which I guess might also carry that information.


But I have played around with every single one of these properties to see if I manage to get the same results as when I manually check in our order/enrollment history. So far no luck.

Filters I have tried on event “Enrollment Complete”:

  • Is Paying: False
  • Revenue: 0

The Transactions and Discount Amount properties don’t even show up, when I try to create a filter for the Event.


Any help is much appreciated.



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Hi @HannsCFTE 


Are you applying the “Is Paying” property as a filter for the whole Funnel? Or just for a single step?

To simplify this, you can select the property to be held constant throughout the Funnel;


Try this out and let me know if it works. Otherwise I would look to see whether the property is being brought through correctly in your Implementation. If it’s being sent and stored correctly, than this should work.


Thanks a lot,