How do i send push notifications to iOS subscribers

  • 30 July 2019
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I have been looking for a reliable push notification service for iOS users but failed. I manage iDeviceHelp where most of the users are from iPhone and iPad. and, i want them to subscribe to my website and receive latest content. I am currently using onesignal which support web browsers including safari but they do not offer push service for iOS and android users currently.

1 reply

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Hey @mariojk, my company currently uses Mixpanel's iOS library to capture data and send out messages to our customers. With Mixpanel you can send Push Notifications if you have their Mobile libraries (IOS or Android) integrated on your mobile apps.

If you integrate their mobile libraries and collect people profiles, you can then set up your push notifications for Android or iOS to start sending your push messages.

You can also send web In-app Messages with Mixpanel which are meant more for your Web users. To do this, you can integrate their Javascript library to your website and then target your users to send In-apps.

Hope this helps get you started!