Google Tag Manager Server native support

  • 22 March 2022
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We want to measure a new app we are developing, but want to do it without using SDK’s to improve performance of the app. We therefore chose to use a Google Tag Manager Server container which will act as a proxy between the app and platforms like Mixpanel. This will make sure we are in control of all the data being sent to all platforms and that we can send 1 unified event stream from the app to GTM Server so we are more flexible in connecting new platforms to our measurement system. 

I saw Mixpanel has a native integration using a custom template for Google Tag Manager server-side, but do not see a custom template for the Server container. Is such a template in the works? Since GTM Server is becoming very popular at the moment, this would really be helpful. If none is available, we will have to build a custom template ourselves. 

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