Getting autotrack back up again

  • 30 January 2019
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I know that Autotrack was disabled feb. 2018 and is not yet back up. Are there any indications as to when it will be? Did not find anything in the help center except "until further notice" and nothing in this forum.

We're in the early stages with our product and need to test various hypotheses and will change what we measure often. Therefore we need to track a lot and implementing it in JS would be tedious (in addition we will probably discover new things we would wish we had tracked down the road). Of course this situation is what Autotrack was made for.

Anyone been in touch with support on this?



1 reply

Hey @recco, I asked for an update in November and received this guidance:

> In the meantime, for new projects, we advise our customers to proceed with the programmatic code for more granular reporting and deeper segmentation capabilities. I know this wasn't the response you were hoping for, but we do believe that programmatic implementations (while, admittedly, more resource-intensive) allow for greater use of the Mixpanel tool.