Example of implementation spec for Messaging app e.g. WhatsApp

  • 4 November 2019
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Hi everyone,

I am working on a messaging app like WhatsApp for seniors. Can any one of you help me out with an implementation specification for an app like WhatsApp? Or some resources that points in that direction?

3 replies

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@KRK I did a search and they have sample implementation specs here They also go to specifics on how to go about creating one 🙂


Hi @annecamacho,

Thank you for the link, I have already looked at these, but would like to see one specifically for a messaging/social app. Do you have any examples of this?

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@KRK Ah, I see! If you want a specific suggested spec for messaging/social, it might be worth asking for a request in their Ideas. but i do want to share that in our company we did use their E-commerce implementation spec but at the end of the day we did end up tailoring to our company's specific needs. Maybe the Media and Entertainment one might be a helpful spec to build on and tailor it to your messaging/social company? 🙂