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  • 8 January 2019
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I have a funnel with multiple steps, lets say 1-3. How can I measure the time between step 1 and 3 so complete funnel time and display the time on the dashboard?

I was only able to figure out how to find the time in the funnel view itself by selecting the multiple steps.

4 replies

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i don't think you can have funnels time between steps posted to their dashboards right now, but i could be wrong.

but to get this information couldn't you make another funnel that is just two steps? for this copy funnel you would have a first step (step 1 of the first funnel) and last step (step 3 of the first funnel), and then you could click to see the time between these two steps. that work?

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oh i had another thought. you could track time between your funnel steps as a property on the second event like we do session event tracking. you would use the link below for the call, but mixpanel will give you a duration property that you can put on a dashboard with a insights chart


Hey thanks for your answer! We are just getting started with Mixpanel so we are on the free plan with very limited resources (i.e. only two funnels.

Also since Mixpanel already knows the necessary dates to calculate the funnel time it feels like waste to add a property to calculate it again.

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of course! :)

in all honesty for us it was pretty quick and easy to implement the duration properties with the time_events, and that could be a good fix here for what your end goal is: which if i understand correctly is to show the average duration from event 1 to event 3 on a dashboard.

i don't know if there is another way to do it for their in-product dashboard tool with just the dates-- though you could probably figure out a way to export the data and use a different dashboard tool maybe?

there might be another way to do this too, so curious if anyone else could weigh in on this.