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  • 16 October 2020
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Q1 - Is there anyway to add custom notes to specific reports which can be included in the dashboard. The description doesn’t provide enough space to handle this. We use the dashboard for weekly meetings and it is often valuable to include specific comments for the viewer to get more details on specific events on that report.


Q2 - I see the chart type ‘metric’ however is there an option for ‘table’ which includes high level #s?


Or does the ‘custom app’ feature allow us to built these ourselves for the dashboard?

Thank you



2 replies

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Hello!  Brandon from Mixpanel’s PM team here.  Thanks for your questions!


Q1 - this is not possible at the moment, and I certainly understand how the report descriptions aren’t enough to address your use case.  However, we’re in the early planning stages of a project that would bring the ability to add more context to dashboards.  Would you be willing to hop on a call to discuss it further?  We’d love to get your input and understand exactly what you’d need!  If so, please book some time here:


Q2 - table visualization isn’t yet available, but we have an upcoming project to address this.  Our goal is to make it possible to put any visualization you can create in a report (e.g. the table in Insights) on your dashboard as well.


Hope this helps, and I look forward to speaking with you soon!



+1 to need for notes in dashboard, or some other tool to leave comments. After understanding why certain behaviors are observed, I want to be able to document it in context with the data. 

The insights driven from the data are often lost today because they are shared on messages, meetings or not shared/documented at all.