Dashboard / CHART TYPE 'METRIC' > Display only the evolution in % ?

  • 13 December 2018
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Hi Mixpanel Community,

While choosing chart type "METRIC" in my dashboard, could I choose which metric I want to display.

For example, I'd like to display hereunder ONLY the EVOLUTION in % compared to the previous period, without the absolute number (the +13.6% or +19.7%) > Possible ?

If not, it would be very useful to add it as an optimization.


2 replies

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Hi @Sophie, thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately that is currently not an option for your dashboard- however, I think this is some great feedback that could gain some momentum in the ideas section.

If you add it to the ideas section of the community, other users can also vote this idea up and help it gain traction.


@Sophie Can you share a bit more about your use case/needs and thoughts behind it? Is your goal to hide the absolute number altogether (and why is that important), or are you just trying to give more emphasis to the % evolution?