Customer Health Score Index

  • 23 February 2022
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Hi all, 


We would like to set up a customer health score based on product usage data and are currently in the process of defining the index. We are considering a scoring system (e.g. 0-40 poor health, 41-70 neutral, 71-100 good health). 

Is it generally possible to set up rules linked to data and assign points? 

E.g. metric A: <20% usage scores 0 point, 21%-60% usage scores 1 point, >61% usage scores 2 points. 


I would be more than happy to get insights on how other companies set up their health score in Mixpanel and hear some best practices :) 


Thank you and best regards


2 replies

+1 it’s an important use-case.

To add to the original question, we use Hubspot and the integration with Hubspot only syncs users but no event data. Would be great to have average events number flowing into husbpot along with userdata grouped as company data.

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Hi @EvaReuter and @ammar, this isn’t currently possible out-of-the box but you could use custom properties and cohorts to pull this together and display on a dashboard. Feel free to post inside community Slack to get some more perspectives!