Custom event: Concept question and: Is update of definition possible?

  • 12 March 2019
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I have that scenario: I track events server-side, and send always the user-agent. In Mixpanel I will create different Insights to exclude all events with bots, others with crawler, etc.

To have only very few places for excluding all the necessary property-values, I created custom events.

It is working fine - but is that a good practice, as I am new with Mixpanel?

I already found out, that custom events behave unexpected for me: They are not something like master-filters who are filtering the existing events (also those in the past), but only from the day of creation start to collect the matching events.

Is there a better function existing for what I want to do?

And now I found a new entry in my user-agent list - I wanted to add that propert-value in my custom-event-description of my custom-events, where can I do that? Or is it impossible, as it is against the event-concept?

Thanks for any help and ideas!

EDIT: By accident I found out, that I can edit customer-event-definitions in other views, like when I select events in "Segmentation". But I was expecting to do that in "Lexicon".

2 replies

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Hey @ks12i, according to their Mixpanel article on Custom events, they allow you to define a group of users based on existing events and properties, and then integrate that group into Mixpanel reports. I've had the same issue of custom events not behaving the same in all reports. If you want to go the route of excluding certain property values that are unwanted long term, I would add functionality exclude them when they are being logged. I found this article on hide or deleting events, properties, or people if you need to clean up some data

I, too, was expecting to be able to edit the custom event definitions from Lexicon. I stumbled upon this post trying to find a solution - @ks12i thanks for confirming that this is possible via other views (e.g., Insights).