Connect Mixpanel with social contact data to know users better

  • 18 January 2022
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Hi there! We’re building a freemium product ( and have tons of individual profiles going into Mixpanel which is great. Because they are a lot of them, we’re trying to prioritise who to talk to based on activity but also who they are (eg.  job titles).

Does anyone have similar challenges in trying to know users better? If yes, what do you miss in Mixpanel?

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Hey @phb71 sounds cool! Here’s a few ideas:

User profile properties

Most folks leverage the user profile properties to gather things like job title etc that are entered to the sign-up form  which you can view in the user profile here and shown below. You can then create queries with these properties.

Screenshot of demo user profile properties list

Referral sources

The other thing you can review is referral sources if people access your platform on a computer instead of mobile app. You may have been mentioned in blogs, platforms or communities you want to prioritise.


Based on user behaviour e.g. “user who completed action 35 times in 30 days” you can create segments of users to engage with, these segments update automatically based on their behaviour show here and below:


Let me know if that helps? Can’t wait to see what everyone else suggests!