Automatic event push notification

  • 14 February 2019
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Hello, what would be good for me is an automatic push notification system. At the moment we want to send a notification to users x hours after an event occur, so now when an exact event occur in the client, this one contact the server and the server contact mix panel in order to send the notification. What would be good is if you can in the mix panel dashboard select for example. When A occur send a notification to All or only this user, tot minutes/hour/day after, or other options, would make things a lot easier and faster.

5 replies


I completely second that request. Would be very useful for in-app messages as well.

Instead of only being able to send them out for users that have triggered a certain event (in the past), allow us to set it up so that a push/in-app will be sent when an event has been triggers (+ option for a certain delay)

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I asked a few month ago... The best option at the moment is to choose to send the message "ASAP".
ASAP notifications will be sent within 30 minutes. That being said, most ASAP notifications are sent less than 30 minutes and often as soon as the user qualifies for the ASAP notifications... However, due to variability in the notification queues if there is a large number of notifications going out at once, this could cause the time it takes to send to be greater.
But at the end I agree with you that it would be better to have a kind of "hardcoded behavior" which executes an event trigger immediatly.


I would love to have this as well. I want to send engagement push notifications a few days after the user has viewed content, and then again after another week potentially with a discount. Sending a push notification straight away is quite often useless as the user is likely still viewing the content.

To be very clear:

- I want to add a trigger event to send a notification

- I want to be able to set a delay for the push notification after the initial trigger.

Perhaps someone might have a work around for the moment?

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@Hiiker Event In-apps messages for mobile might be helpful for your use case of sending event triggered messages. searched an found this helpful article with more info on setting it up here

Also, to send a messages a few days after user viewed x event content, setting up the target criteria to specifically target x days after (described here in an old post here) might be a good work around for your user case.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the response Linda. I’ll check those articles out now.