Automated way to track iOS uninstalls?

  • 13 February 2019
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Does mixpanel support a nice flow for periodically checking for uninstalled apps? We'd like to be able to tell the difference between inactive users and uninstalled users. I know I could manually send silent push notifications but was wondering if there's a recommended or ideal way to do this.


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@stevethomp - I've looked into this extensively for my company's mobile app. The short answer is, no. The medium answer you already know about the silent push notifications heartbeat test but to my understanding it really only works on Android and not as well for iOS. I guess Android will respond with some information that Mixpanel puts in the "Android Push Error" People Property but Apple does not really return any data for Mixpanel to help with. What I try to do is access the information in iTunes Connect and observe how many active devices there are on each app version. Naturally, this only shines a light on those people who allow Apple to access their data in iOS settings, which is certainly not the vast majority. The Google Play Store does show you a weekly uninstall number if you download the bulk stats reports. That's been helpful but it's tough to piece together how long it took before the app was uninstalled. Said another way, you don't know if the uninstalled user took 3 weeks before uninstalling or did it right after installing. I track all this stuff manually in a spreadsheet and keep an eye on the growth and watch for spikes of activity in one direction or another. It's a pain but it's the best solution I've been able to find so far. Let me know if you come across something better PLEASE.

Is it still the case that it’s hard to track stuff like app uninstalls in Mixpanel still?

I’m surprised that it doesn’t do this seamlessly out of the box?

What’s the latest on this please.

Thanks, David