Advice on a tracking plan for a new product

  • 9 March 2022
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Hi there,

We’re currently starting to implement Mixpanel to track our key product metrics and understand user behaviours.

We are creating a platform for musicians to co-create with each other. Think TikTok but for music. 

We’re currently in the process of wrapping up our tracking plan and as we’re still pretty new to Mixpanel concepts, we’d love to have a more expert person having a look at itThe tracking plan can be seen here

Our goal is to track users’ actions in their first steps on the platform and better understand their behaviours to increase early adoption and improve the “self-service-ness” of our product.

We are not sure if everything has been written down correctly in the implementation plan.

Thank you in advance!

Take care


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Hey @Niclasbebop thanks so much for your post! Did you get any feedback? If not you can try posting in our slack community here for some more perspectives.