A property receive values with comma separated, how to split in insight?

  • 9 December 2019
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I have an event that has a property with the value as select with multiple in form and is it possible to split separate comma in insight?

3 replies

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It sounds like you trying to see the value of each separately? If so, you can typecast into a list view and it should give your a break down of each individual one. info on type casting an event properties here

If this is not what you are trying to do, with more info on what your end goal is, I can probably help further :)

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Yes, it is.
Thanks but the list work with array and not with semicolon =(

The problem is with HubSpot, which works with a semicolon and it is not good to modify it to array, it is necessary with the semicolon.

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Ah! I see.... one other thing that comes to mind would be Mixpanel's Custom Properties.

There is a section to merge values to fix implementation issues I have not personally played with it yet, but it sounds like it might be able to help